A Stoned Walk Around Green Lake

Resist couch lock and get your booty outside 🍃

Green Lake

📸: gregobagel

Get your shoes on. Pop an edible. It’s time to hit the pavement!

For me, there are few better things to do in Seattle than taking a stoned walk around Green Lake and the neighboring Fremont. With 4/20 just around the corner, you may be looking for new ways to enjoy your high. If you’re 21 or over, consider adding this stroll to your routine 🌬️🍃

Hot tip 🔥

This walk is good with or without a slight cannabis buzz. The important thing is to get out there and touch some grass—smoking or ingesting or vaping grass is secondary.

Signage around Green Lake Park, Seattle, Washington

📸: Signage around Green Lake Park, Seattle, Washington


A big ol’ loop around the lake🚶

Green Lake’s really got it all: an ancient glacial lake, ample stretches of grass to lay out on, waterfowl, psychedelic-colored plants, a green oasis—but it’s close enough to businesses for a quick snack should you need it. During summers, I like walking out onto one of the Green Lake docks to people-watch and chat with friends. The walking trail is paved, which is nice, but it’s also 2.8 miles roundtrip. TLDR: This place is made for a nice little stoned walk. Knock out as much or as little of that as you like! There are no rules except to be respectful to other park-goers. Bring water, a snack, and some sunglasses for maximum comfort.

📍Green Lake
7201 E Green Lake Dr. N

Checking in 😇

Hey! How are you feeling? Walking around while stoned can be a lot. Just take a little bit. No one’s recommending you eat two gummies and jog around the city. Feeling tired after spending time at the lake? Great! Go home! Getting your second wind? Want to look at a tiger who’s somehow living in this mossy corner of the Northwest? Well, continue on.

Woodland Park Zoo

📸: Woodland Park Zoo


Gawk at critters 🐵

At Woodland Park Zoo, you can go from the Arctic tundra to the grassy plains of Africa within an hour. Everyone always has a favorite animal to check out. Mine is the Komodo dragon in the zoo’s Trail of Adaptations exhibit. As a kid, part of me thought they had secret wings that’d pop up as soon as no one was looking (cuz, dragons). In honor of my childhood self, I always say hi to the Komodo dragon during any visit to the zoo. But, for a gentler encounter, go and coo over the adorable red pandas in the Temperate Forest section. Ride the vibe!

📍Woodland Park Zoo
5500 Phinney Ave N

Looking for a walk more central? 🌳

Try this stoned walk around Capitol Hill.

📸: Woodland Park Zoo


Sniff some roses 🌹

When you exit Woodland Park Zoo, meander to the Woodland Park Rose Garden to take in the pure beauty of over 200 rose varieties. After taking in all that fauna, it’s time for some flora. There’s a cute gazebo to chill out in (be respectful, no smoking—edibles are your friend), or you can mosey through the garden to admire the Revolutionary Girl Utena-esque ponds and benches. Though the park is “at its picturesque best” between May and August, a late April visit doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the finely trimmed hedges and adorable woodland creatures scampering around. Never refuse an opportunity to be a baked Snow White

📍Woodland Park Rose Garden
750 N 50th St

Checking in, again 😇

Ok—WOW—you’ve done a lot! How ya feeling? By this point, most veteran smokers would be sober and willing to push on. But there’s no shame in calling that Uber or hopping on that bus to take your butt home. For those with tolerances of steel, let’s trudge on—and maybe do another hit or two of your vape pen.

📸: Markettime Foods


Fill up on snacks 🥪

When I get stoned, I get the munchies. And often, I want not just one thing but a combination of things. Like coconut water and a sandwich. Or soup and a basket of locally-sourced strawberries. Luckily, you can get all these items and more at Markettime Foods on Fremont Ave. This grocery store and deli is a veritable treasure of goods—get a turkey bacon deluxe sandwich, some incense, and locally-sourced chocolate if that’s what you’re feeling. Or a tasty block of cheese, some crackers, and kombucha. Markettime Foods is the spot to let your bougie stoner fantasies run wild, excellent for snacks that’ll fit in your ludicrously capacious bag

📍Markettime Foods
4416 Fremont Ave N

📸: Adam Kubota


End the day with a sunset 🌇

Located in the thick of a residential neighborhood, Fremont Peak Park is one of my most cherished places in the city. When you walk in, you’re greeted by a ground mural of the moon’s phases. If you follow the silver thread that winds through the park’s various gardens, you’ll end up on the terrace, where you can bask in the stunning vistas of the Olympic Mountains. The half-acre park is stuffed with conifer trees that provide shade if you need it. Bring your Markettime haul for an impromptu picnic and observe the sun sink behind the jagged shadow of the mountains so you can properly appreciate the abundance of nature. I love weed!

📍Fremont Peak Park
4357 Palatine Ave N


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