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September 20 • 8:00 pm


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Well, do you? 👀

The question was floating around my social feeds—most notably TikTok— for quite some time before I finally broke down and, yes, I listened to Marie Ulven, aka Girl in Red.

Here’s what I heard: rocking guitar riffs, introspective atmospheres, reverberating harmonies, and unapologetic lyrics that had me playing it all on repeat. In 2017, the Norwegian singer-songwriter began posting her music on Soundcloud, but when she finally uploaded the song “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend,” a confession of unrequited love for a friend, her following exploded, and in 2021, Ulven released her debut album if i could make it go quiet.

Like earlier Girl in Red songs and EPs, if i could make it go quiet doesn’t shy away from discussing everything—from heartbreak, her experiences as a queer woman, grappling with mental health, to healthy relationships. Ultimately, her music transcends memes and TikTok trends, and it turns out Girl in Red is an IRL musician too, and you can see her this Tuesday and get rocked

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