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Dec 3

Not / Our Town @ 12th Ave Arts

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Emo Nite @ Neumos

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Friday, Aug 19 • 9 pm

Scream-crying. Moshing. The popping of black balloons. Heavy nostalgia. A packed house. All of this happened at the Emo Nite party I went to nearly five years ago, that time at The Crocodile, entirely devoted to the often-maligned but much-loved scene music genre usually referred to as “emo.” Since then, Morgan Freed and T.J. Petracca’s LA-based Emo Nite has become a successful super-party, touring the country with emo vibes and an extensive line of merch. This current tour runs everywhere from Indianapolis to Phoenix to Boise to Seattle, thanks partly to large profiles in publications like Paper and Rolling Stone.

In the tagline for Emo Nite, the producers say they’re “not a band” and “not DJs.” Instead, they “throw parties for the music we love.” I remember it mostly being DJs playing emo tracks from the likes of, of course, Dashboard Confessional and My Chemical Romance, with a mix of earnest on-stage performances. All of which was greeted by an audience screaming lyrics and smashing tallboys. It’s a grab bag of a night, and it’s very fun. Put on your Paramore best and join the scene.

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