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The Fabelmans @ Lots of Seattle Movie Theaters

A shoo-in for a Best Picture Oscar 🏆

🖋️: Illustration by Levi Hastings

Seattle’s Central neighborhoods have range. Queen Anne and its picturesque hills and staircases are so different from Pioneer Square and its maze of art galleries, and both of those areas are so different from the nightlife hub of Capitol Hill or the community skating events at Judkins Park. Some of our favorite things to do around here include eating as much food as we can at Uwajimaya’s food court in the C-ID, chilling in KEXP’s Gathering Space at the Seattle Center, and exploring the Streissguth Gardens on our way to Eastlake.

Looking for things to do?

🌆 What about catching a sunset at one of Downtown’s many rooftops?

🌸 Or hang out at Kobe Terrace in the Chinatown-International District?

🚶‍♀️ Or maybe go on an art walk through Pioneer Square?

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